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Many patients step into our practice with dreams of a brand new grin. Others are looking to repair damage and get their oral health back on track with restorations or implants. Seeing these individuals walk out of our doors with a strong smile and newfound confidence is the reason behind our mission here at Gallery Dental Studio. No matter your goals, we’re honored to be a part of your oral health journey. Take a look at our Before & After gallery to explore real patient transformations.

Case One

Unfortunately, fillings don't last forever. They can break down around the edges and sometimes even get cavities around them. This patient was tired of hiding her smile, embarrassed by visible cavities and unsightly fillings. With some cosmetic crowns we were able to give her a stunning smile that she can be proud of!

Case Two

This case was more challenging than it may first appear. The patient was missing several bottom teeth, which had thrown his bite off. He really wanted a dazzling smile, too, and was embarrassed about his mismatched, discolored, stained teeth. With a combination of crowns and bridges we were able to correct his bite, replace the missing teeth and give him the bright, white smile he was looking for!

Case Three

When you're missing teeth that show when you smile and talk, it can be very embarrassing. This patient needed two implants as well as new crowns to replace the existing crowns and fillings that were decaying underneath. Now he smiles with confidence!

Case Four

 Many people suffer from "bruxism" or habitual teeth grinding. This can damage and crack the teeth as well as wear them down and make them appear much shorter than they were naturally. This patient was unhappy with the short appearance of her teeth, which were worn down from years of grinding. She also wanted them as white as she could get them! With veneers and crowns we were able to give her a beautifully proportional tooth length as well as brighten them Hollywood white!

Case Five

Years and years of heavy nighttime and even day time teeth grinding can really do a lot of damage to your teeth! This gentleman had worn his teeth down so far they were starting to wear into the nerve! Not to mention, he never wanted to smile in front of anyone. We rebuilt his whole smile with non-metal, strong and natural looking Emax crowns and now he laughs and smiles with full confidence!

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